Saturday, November 12, 2011

Works in Progress

I have a tendency to have multiple projects underway at any given time. Currently, besides a couple of knitting projects, including the silk socks, are these three.

This is a quilt I'm making in an effort to use the fabric I have on hand. Awhile ago, I decided to try not to add to my stash. I’d be having more success with that if I hadn’t volunteered to coordinate making the Ten-Year Quilts at my work.

Anyway, the quilt pictured above is currently on my design wall and is made from the leftovers from one of those projects. In the past, I usually design my own quilts. If I do happen to use the project instructions from a book, as often as not I end up changing it in some way. However, this is pretty much made as written. It is “Picnic” from Scrap-Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett. The one difference is that the block is a mirror image of the one in the book. When I sewed on the first background triangle, I placed it in the opposite corner of the block. When I saw what I had done, rather than "unsewing" it, I just made them all the same way.

This will become a quilt called “Use a Napkin” from Country Threads Goes to Charm School, by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene.

I did not use a purchased charm square pack, but cut five-inch squares from the fabrics in my Batiks bin. If you follow the book’s instructions, you get four of these quadrangles from each square. But I ended up cutting six; the last two have one corner cut off a little but there is still enough seam allowance to make it usable (those pieces are in the stack to the right).

Last but not least is a Hand Pillow close to being done. There is the front, the two back pieces, and the fabric that will go around the cording. Sometime when I have about two hours to spare, I will finish it up.

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