Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fun with Stamps

Today is the 95th birthday of my aunt Alta, my mom’s older sister.

When my sister Palma reminded me of this last week, I thought a special card was in order.

A few weeks ago, I had gotten out a set of stamps I bought in the late ’90s at some crafts fair. The packaging specifically touted them as being designed to recreate quilt block designs, so of course I had to get them. They came with a box of blank cards, and I also purchased a number of ink pads (which after all these years have not dried out and are still quite usable).

The box of cards became a Christmas present for my mom, each stamped with a different quilt block. The box I have now I bought later from the same vendor. (I suppose if I wanted more I could write to the street address on the booklet to see if they are still in business. There is no phone number and no web address.)

I hadn't used the stamps in a long time, but I wanted to make a unique birthday card for a co-worker. In the same drawer are some Crayola stamping markers that used to belong to my daughter, as well as a set of alphabet stamps.

My stamping supplies

The front of the card

The inside of the card

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