Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some Eastern Washington Wildlife

My husband and I left last Friday for a long weekend in eastern Washington. Friday night and Saturday night we camped at Lake Wanapum. Sunday night and Monday night we stayed at the Well Made B&B in Chelan. Along the way, I took some photographs of some of the critters we saw. (Not pictured are the bunnies we saw near the campsite; I didn't happen to have my camera with me.)

First, I saw this striking black and white bird near our tent. I snapped some pictures and later found out from a ranger that it was a magpie.

I've included these two because each shows the bird and its coloring from a slightly different angle, providing a fairly complete image.

On two different occasions at two different locations, we saw a little sandpiper.

We also saw some little lizards. They blended in so well with the gravel, they were difficult to see.

But of all the fauna we saw, my favorite was the brood of merganser chicks we saw at Lake Chelan. I couldn't decide which of these photos was my favorite, so I'm including all three. I especially like how some of the chicks are riding piggyback on Mama.

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