Friday, June 15, 2012

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

My husband likes anything tiki. In our world, there are tiki mugs, a tiki T-shirt, tiki statues and tiki lights. He is always on the lookout for tiki-themed drinking establishments.

Last quarter in my photography class, for the assignment on lighting, I took some photographs of this particular tiki figurine he had picked up at Goodwill one day. I ended up using a different subject for the assignment, but the effect that the different lighting angles had on the figurine's appearance stuck in my mind.

Fast forward a few months. For the final assignment in Photoshop class, we had to design a movie or game poster. I decided to work up a poster for a B-movie.

There is a possibility that I can get it printed out full-size on the large-scale printer at school. That would be so cool!

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