Saturday, December 17, 2011

Birds and More Birds

The same day earlier this week when I walked around Green Lake and took those pictures of items lost and found, I also took several pictures of the different birds I saw, besides the usual mallards and grebes. One species I have seen before; they migrate through about this time of year.

Hooded mergansers

I also saw a couple of herons. One was up in a tree. He was all hunkered down and I could only see his body. I spent a few minutes walking all around the tree trying to get the best view. This even caused other people to stop and look up to see what had attracted my attention.

He did poke out his head once, just a little bit.

A little farther around the lake, I saw another heron in his more usual habitat — in the water waiting for dinner.

I also saw two other kinds of birds that I had not seen at Green Lake before: common goldeneyes and American widgeons.

Common goldeneye

One widgeon

Many widgeons

Looks like the other widgeons, except his head is colored differently

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