Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Movin’ Day

I love my studio. Don’t get me wrong.

When my dear husband Tim and I bought this house, we weren’t sure what we were going to do with the detached outbuilding that in a former life had been a garage.

During the moving-in process, however, anything that had to do with quilting or knitting or crafts of any sort went into the studio until further notice. But once it was all collected there, I/we thought, well, that would be a good space for Laurel’s sewing space. And thus, it became so.

The one major drawback to this plan is that the space is unheated. Early on, I bought a digital thermometer to park out there. I don’t think it’s ever registered below freezing, but sometimes it feels as though it’s getting close.

I have an electric space heater out there, which helps, but only so far.

Lately, I've been wanting to go out there to work on this project or that, but have held back because it’s just too . . . darn . . . cold.

So this evening, I brought in my sewing machine. It will live on the dining room table for the next four or five months. Fortunately, that table is not often used; our kitchen is configured in such a way that there is a bar-type counter with two bar chairs that is perfect for us.

In theory, I could leave my Pfaff in the studio, and use my old Kenmore. But I prefer the Pfaff.

I also have an extra iron, cutting mat, and tabletop ironing board, so I don't need to truck much else in from the studio. Those items live in the house year round.

I will still need to go out to the studio to retrieve some thread or other notion. But I will not be spending much time out there until it warms up.

That is, if it ever does. This is Seattle after all.

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