Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quilted and Ready for Binding (Almost)

Before I started this blog, I had sewn together this quilt and had begun quilting it.

It is based on a quilt called “Never Take Beer to a Job Interview” from Country Threads Goes to Charm School. But I used 10-inch Layer Cake squares instead of 5-inch charm squares. The resulting block is thus 7-1/2 inches finished instead of 3 inches, and the border squares finish to 2-1/2 inches instead of 1 inch.

I also added another row of squares along the top and bottom. The original quilt design had only one row.

A couple of nights ago, I finished the quilting. Or so I thought. When I looked at this close-up photo of the quilting in the center of the star blocks, I noticed that there was no outline quilting in the piece below the center square.

And that wasn't the only place I missed quilting. So I'm not quite done after all. I could still go ahead and bind it, since the bits to be quilted are not near the edge.

But I think I'll finish the quilting first.

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