Sunday, January 13, 2013

In Progress

 At any one time, I  am working on several projects. I'm like that in most areas of my life — I usually have at least two books that I'm reading, if not three or four; at work, I used to have several projects on my desk at various stages of completion. That works for me; sometimes I'm in the mood for knitting, sometimes for quilting, sometimes for embroidery. Sometimes I want to work on something that requires more attention, sometimes I want something that I can do automatically without thinking about it too much.

Here are my current projects.

A few days ago, I finished sewing on the binding for this little wall hanging. It is the same pattern as this one, but in a different colorway.

This is my latest hand pillow. I finished appliquéing the hands last night. This afternoon I will fuse on the hearts.

Out in my studio, I have one waiting to be assembled into a pillow, and I already have one waiting in the wings.

My silk sock is coming along nicely. Only ten or fifteen rounds remain on the leg; then I can get started on the heel flap.

Over Christmas break, I cut the pieces for the blocks for a quilt that I hope to make available at my Craftsy store. It is based on this quilt, but will be larger and have Maple Leaf blocks in four sizes.

And last, but not least, there's this little quilt that I just felt like doing.

The red hearts still need their blanket stitch appliqué. I don't know what its eventual destiny will be, but it was fun to mix and match all the red and white fabrics.

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