Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hi. I’ve been contemplating starting this blog for awhile, and I finally just went ahead and did it, even though I’m not sure I’m really ready. See, I have this thing called a Full-Time Job that keeps me pretty busy most of the time. But I still manage to pursue various activities on the evenings and weekends.

Back when I was in high school, I started embroidering, I think partly because my oldest sister was into it. Then I tried crocheting, then quiltmaking. A few years ago I picked up knitting. My mom had tried to teach me when I was about ten years old, but it didn’t hold my interest. When I tried it again though, I was amazed how the muscle memory was still there. It was like, “Yeah, I remember this. Yeah, this is kinda familiar.’’

One of these years, I’ll try needlepunch. I got a starter kit awhile back, but have enough Unfinished Projects already.

I also like to dabble in photography and I like to try new recipes. My lovely husband is always a willing test subject.

For this, my inaugural post, I’m going to share one of my signature projects— my hand pillows. I pretty much always have one of these going. I like doing them because it’s fun to combine a variety of fabrics that can be very dissimilar, and the hands and hearts are stitched down with a hand buttonhole stitch which is very repetitious and doesn’t take a lot of thought and also impresses the hell out of people.

My latest completed hand pillow

Close up of hand buttonhole stitch

The next one ready for stitching


  1. Hey Laurel, welcome to blogland!

    Great post--I've never seen your hand pillows before and they are cute! Looking forward to reading and seeing more.

  2. Hey Girl,
    Very, cool hand pillows!! I'm guessing that the stitched hands are yours; I could get into doing these pillows to gift to my grandkiddos & possibly adding a flange instead, of the piping. Thanks for sharing & happy stitching. :)