Saturday, July 13, 2013

Recycled Sign Art

The other morning, I was out riding my bike on an errand. My route took my up Linden Avenue, which has been undergoing a major facelift over the last year or so. This has included straightening, repaving, reconfiguring street parking, and adding sidewalks and dedicated bike lanes. The project is pretty much done, so far as we can tell. I think all the orange cones and barrels have finally been removed.

As I was riding north, I noticed that some fun art installations had been added, utilizing old traffic signs.

A couple of evenings later, Tim and I ventured up the road during our post-prandial stroll, and I took the following photographs.

This is the first one, farthest south.

The next series featured the backs of the signs, with a variety of painted images.


This series features cut-out house shapes.

Each of these animal silhouettes incorporates pieces from a variety of signs in their construction.

The red dots appear to have been cut from stop signs.

The back of one of the signs, showing the original functional side.

Representations of some of our urban wildlife.

Green “trees.”

An homage to an old amusement park, long gone.

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