Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gig Harbor and Bremerton

Yesterday's trip to Gig Harbor started out overcast. The sun didn't start to show itself until around midday. But when the clouds had finally burned off, we were able to see Mount Rainier, some 60 miles away. Whenever I see the mountain, it never fails to inspire a sense of awe.

We also had a good view on the ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle.

Because the weather was cooler than expected, we interrupted our perusal of the arts fair to visit the Harbor History Museum. The museum has obviously benefited from a fruitful fundraising effort. The building is very new and modern, and the signage accompanying the displays is nicely designed and well executed.

The chronology and content of the displays was typical for a small, local history museum. First there was the customary nod to the native peoples and their culture, then on to the white settlers, logging, maritime industry, education, and the advent of the automobile.

Out back was a restored one-room schoolhouse.

Tim commented that he would not have wanted to be the student seated nearest the stove.

In a fenced area next to the schoolhouse, there appeared to be a facility for restoring old boats.

The museum also had a juried art show on display, the 14th Annual Juried Maritime Art Exhibit. There were some really nice pieces. I would have liked to take some photos, but I didn't think I should. But you can see two pieces from the show here and here.

In conjunction with the arts fair, there was also an event called Chalk the Harbor, wherein individuals were provided with colored chalk with which to create sidewalk art.

This one was by far the best we saw.

After we left the museum, we went back to the arts fair and made a couple of purchases. We don't have need or room for more mugs, dishes or plates, and we certainly don't have room for more wall art. That pretty much leaves just things we can put outside.

On our way back to the car, I snapped some pictures of colorful flowers.

For the drive back, we chose not to go back via I-5, but instead headed west on Highway 16. Before boarding the ferry in Bremerton, we parked and walked around downtown a bit. The day had warmed up significantly, and these fountains were very popular.

Downtown Bremerton also features some fun public art.

The two parts of this next one are diagonally opposite each other at an intersection. I didn't get the visual joke until later, when we drove by on our way to the ferry.

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  1. Always loved the view of the mountain from Gig Harbor -- and have to admit I've never looked at the public art in Bremerton -- my bad. Thanks for sharing it!