Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gig Harbor Day Trip

Today, Tim and I drove over to Gig Harbor. Neither of us had ever been there. I had the (mistaken) impression that it was farther away, but it was only an hour drive. (My sense of distance is still somewhat influenced by having lived in south Everett for more than 15 years. Depending on the direction I am headed, I can either add or subtract 20 to 30 minutes.)

Our primary destination was an arts and crafts fair, but we also visited the local history museum.

For our return to Seattle, we headed west/north towards Kingston, but once we hit Bremerton decided to catch the ferry there.

I took a fair number of photos, and I will write a more complete account and post more photos tomorrow.

For now, here is the panorama I took of the marina at the harbor.


  1. Nice shot--sounds like a lovely day. Did you pick up any fun items at the craft fair?

  2. Marcy: We did buy a couple of items for our backyard. Read the next post!