Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hand Quilting

Since I picked up knitting several years ago, it's seriously cut into the time I can devote to quilting.

I've always liked handwork. Starting with embroidery while I was in high school, I spent some time doing crochet, before moving on to hand-buttonhole stitch.

I know that if I wanted to, I could machine quilt on my Pfaff. But that just really doesn't interest me.

I suppose I could send quilts out to a long-arm quilter. There's a really high probability that I will do so with my Maple Leaf quilt. But generally, I'm pretty particular about how I like to see quilts quilted.

I'm not a fan of allover quilting. It doesn't take into account the block design of the quilt, and hides rather than accentuates the quilt design.

One time, however, I saw some machine quilting that I thought was truly outstanding and enhanced the quilt design. Unfortunately, I did not make a note of the quilter's contact information.

Most of the hand quilting I do these days is outline quilting. I'm usually trying to get a quilt finished as quickly as possible, because most quilts I make these days are intended for my Craftsy shop.

But recently I decided to do something a  little more special in the corners of this one quilt that I made last year.

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