Sunday, November 17, 2013

Strange Things Found in Thrift Stores

This morning, Tim visited a nearby Goodwill store in his continuing quest for an old-fashioned, manual wind-up watch.

On an earlier excursion, he had picked up this object.

It customarily lives in the kitchen near the cookbooks, and occasionally serves as a mail holder.

It now has a baby.


  1. These are adorable! Do they have an actual function? Looks like they might be clamps of some sort. I love thrift shopping - always so many interesting items and great prices.

  2. We sometimes use them as mail holders. I've wondered what the round hole is for — maybe a pen or pencil?

  3. Our son brought one of these back from the Caribbean. It came with a little stick that fit in the round hole. If you rub the stick across the bumps on the back it makes the sound of a frog..