Friday, November 1, 2013

Modern Quilts

Also at the Quilt Festival exhibit was a display of modern quilts.

Here is a good explanation of what modern quilting is. And here is another blogger's thoughts on the subject. The first and third links at the end of her post are also helpful (the second leads nowhere).

These quilts contrasted quite noticeably with the rest of the exhibit, primarily in their stark minimalism.

I have yet to decide what I think about the modern quilting movement. It reminds me of the class in modern art I took last spring. The instructor had a concise way of summing up art history.

Classical art — This is art.

Renaissance art — This is art!

Modern art — This is art?

Some modern quilts I like, some not so much, but by and large they don't make me say "Wow!"

To any quilt-y readers: I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions about modern quilting. 

Solid Love, Kelly Smith, St. Louis MO

Scattered, Katie Pederson, Seattle WA

Bull's-Eye 1, Colleen Wootton, Clinton WA

Detail, Bull's-Eye 1

Fireworks Quilt, Tara Faughnan, Oakland CA

Detail, Fireworks Quilt

Oddballs, Alissa Carlton, Los Angeles CA

Untitled, Lindsay Stead, Toronto, Ontario

Box of Rain Quilt, Karen Anderson-Abraham, Santa Barbara CA

Detail, Box of Rain Quilt

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