Thursday, October 10, 2013


Sometimes I knit a gauge swatch before a project.

I didn't knit one before starting the baby wrap I wrote about a couple weeks ago.

Later this month, I'll be getting on a plane to Houston and I decided I wanted to take a new project with me to work on.

It will be the same baby wrap pattern, but this time I thought I would try to get the gauge right. Also, last night I just wanted to do something easy and repetitive that didn't require any thinking.

Yesterday, I had gone out and bought two skeins of Cotton Soft Silk in tangerine. It feels so nice!

You can't see this in the photo on their web page, but the yarn has a sort of "heathery" look. It's three ply, and each ply consists of two strands — one thinner and slightly darker than the other.

As it turns out, my gauge is too large, so I'll have to start over tonight with smaller needles.

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