Friday, September 27, 2013

"Car Knitting"

As part of my preparation for our trip to Oregon earlier this month, I needed a knitting project that was suitable to work on in the car.

The socks I'm working on weren't a good candidate. I have to keep close count of the rounds, and there would be the risk of dropping the stitch marker or the cable needle.

I could have started another scarf, but I wanted something a little more interesting. And besides, I haven't finished the last one.

So I looked through the patterns I have collected over the past several years, and selected an easy baby sweater.

The back couldn't have been any easier to knit — just a simple stockinette rectangle. The front pieces have a simple decrease. I should be done with the right front, but I've had to rip it back a couple of times to fix errors that required more than just picking up a dropped stitch.

The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash Sport, 1967 (Wisteria). I skipped doing a gauge swatch. I cast on for the 12-month size, but the measurements from my gauge matched the 6-month size, so it's ending up being sort of a conflation of the two.

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