Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Carkeek Park

Over the weekend, Tim and I had occasion to visit Carkeek Park a couple of times.

The first time, I didn't have my camera, necessitating a return trip on Sunday.

Tim likes to walk the trails there, so he's there more often. But there were some new features since the last time.

This one, he said he thought he had seen before.

Near several of the installations we spotted plaques with QR codes indicating that the installations were part of a CoCA exhibit. Perusing their website, I found a link featuring descriptions of the pieces, and also learned that this is the fifth collection of pieces in the Heaven and Earth series.

Tim saw this one on a trail down from the northern perimeter of the park. I had driven down to the parking lot near the beach, so he took a few pictures with his camera phone.

The piece next to the beach parking lot reminded me of the kinetic sculpture we saw on Orcas Island. You can see a short video here.

Reading the description of "The Lau Event", I wonder how much exposure to the weather has affected it.

"Tree Pods" reminded me of the public art along Linden Avenue; both repurposed/recycled/upcycled signage to fun effect.

These two are by the same group. The descriptive text mentions a possible third to appear on the beach. The first one made me think of a porcupine, and the second one I call "The Wolf in the Woods." We spotted the marker, which directed us 200 yards up the trail. At just about the point where we might have considered turning back, Tim looked to his left and there it was.

This last one is actually situated next to the Environmental Learning Center at the entrance to the park. I spotted it on the way in, but it was the last one we stopped to look at. At first, I thought it was a yarn bombing.

But it turned out to be more. . . .

Much more.

Weather and time permitting, I'd like to go back next weekend with a map and find the rest of the pieces.

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