Friday, May 10, 2013

Midway Through the Quarter

This week, I turned in my first project for Graphic Design 4 (Packaging Design). The assignment was to design three labels for a new line of herbal tea, and incorporate the names of three rivers.

In the course of developing the design, I purchased three bottles (different flavors) of GTS Kombucha. (The bottles above are from a different brand of beverage — the Tao of Tea.) Out of curiosity, I tried one of them. I think it was Guava Goddess, and it was pretty tasty. Slightly effervescent, more tart than sweet, but not bad. The other flavors were Cosmic Cranberry and Multi-Green. I would say the Multi-Green is more of an acquired taste.

On Tuesday, we photographed my labels; yesterday, I dropped out the background, edited out some extra reflection, and added a slight tabletop reflection in Photoshop.

Once again, I started out the quarter being kind of freaked out about doing something so new and completely different, and ending up pretty pleased with the result.

Now, I'm back to being freaked out. Next assignment: packaging design for three chocolate products for a fictional chocolate company called Mr. Brown's Chocolate.

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