Friday, May 3, 2013

Currently On My Design Wall

Sometimes I like to plan a quilt; sometimes I just wing it. This quilt falls squarely in the latter category.

While I'm taking classes, it's a little difficult to give enough head-space to consciously designing a quilt top. So I go to the other extreme and just start sewing together random pieces of fabric.

In the course of making quilts, I'm always saving leftover bits and pieces. After awhile, enough of them collect that I can do something with them.

For this project, I started with an odd-shaped red rectangle and then started adding alternate light and dark strips to two sides. After adding four strips of each value, I trimmed the blocks to 9" square. Then I sewed the 9" blocks into four-block units. I came up a little short, and made five additional blocks.

I still have lots of really small strips left over now, and an idea of what I might do with them.

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