Saturday, March 23, 2013

Art Gallery Brochure

For the final project in my InDesign II class this last quarter, our assignment was to design the brochure listing the shows for next year in the campus art gallery. The bonus was that one or two of the designs (cover and/or interior) would be selected AND we would receive a small monetary compensation.

We did have the opportunity to submit our work to the gallery coordinator and get some feedback before the final submission.

Anyway, when I went by the instructor's office to pick up my brochure and the previous project, I learned that my design for the interior and mailing panel had been chosen, and another student's cover had been selected.

I had been under the impression that we wouldn't hear back for a week or two, so it took a couple minutes for this news to register.

I don't have Bethann's cover, but hers features the image from the Graphic Novel Northwest show. The gallery coordinator requested some tweaks on my design. Primarily, she asked that I add a little bit of air between the text and the edge of the tinted box behind. 

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