Monday, March 5, 2012

Photoshop Effects

The latest assignment in my Photography class was a fun one, in that it allowed me to use some of the things I’ve been learning in my Photoshop class.

The assignment was to take an image and then manipulate it in two different ways in a photo editing program.

Herewith are my three images.

The first is a photo I took of the tulips that my charming husband Tim gave me for Valentine’s Day.

For the second one, I applied the Paint Daubs filter, then selected the tulips and adjusted the levels to make them brighter.

For the third one, I made three adjustments (Vibrance, Posterize, Levels) and then selected the background separately and adjusted the levels further.

It’s fun playing around with the different controls and pushing them to the extreme to see how they’ll change the appearance of an image.

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