Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Evolution of a Knitting Pattern

See my second Craftsy offering here.

The first iteration was a pair of fingerless mitts with just a simple hole for the thumb, made from a pattern in a book.

The second pair added a thumb made from picking up the stitches around the thumb hole.

Each one, for left and right, are the same. There is no identifiable front or back, except as it develops from being worn.

The third pair was similar, but I added a cable pattern and ribbing to the top and bottom edges.

Because it didn’t make sense for the cable pattern to cover the palm, each one is a mirror image of the other and they are not interchangeable between hands.

But then I got to thinking: wouldn't it be cool to have the cable pattern run up the thumb? So I found some instructions for how to make a gusseted thumb increase and charted a cable pattern. I also changed the cable pattern to make it narrower; though I think the red pair with the cables look nice (especially with the way the yarn self-striped), after a few wearings, they didn't fit very snugly.

The result was this, and they are perfect!

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