Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Little Something

When I had finished the cutting for my next Craftsy project, I had a fair number of small triangles left over from the strip-pieced sets.

It seemed likely that they could be turned into something useful, and indeed this turned out to be true.

I suppose if I did some research, I might discover that there is a name for this block. However, I just noticed that it looks like a variation on the Spools block. How appropos!

Since I took this photo, I have sewed the blocks together. The assembled piece now measures about 13-3/4" square. Eventually, it will become a pillow. I think I will be able to fit a 14" square pillow form — I think the form will be just squishy enough!


  1. Very cute! I admire that you saved and used leftover triangles. The polka dots are great; I love polka dot fabrics!

  2. Quilting Nonnie: Thanks! And I agree -- polka dots are always fun!