Friday, June 28, 2013

Raspberry-Apple-Maple Crisp

Two weeks ago, my raspberries were just starting to ripen. Now, they are at their peak. I can pick about a cup each day.

They are very small, and it has been pretty rainy the last week or so, so they are not as firm as they might be. When I am picking, some are so full of moisture they fall apart at the slightest touch.

I like to eat them for breakfast with vanilla yogurt and granola. But I think my favorite way to have berries is in a crisp.

I usually use the recipe in my Better Crocker book, but today I wanted to find a recipe that didn't use butter and did use maple syrup. An internet search turned up this recipe.

I made a couple changes, because the berries I had on hand didn't amount to 24 ounces. So I diced a Honeycrisp apple to get close to the amount of fruit specified.

Now, if I only had some vanilla ice cream. . . . 

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