Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finally . . . a New Pattern

I *finally* uploaded a new pattern to my Craftsy store. What with classes and all, it was challenging to find time to work on it. When summer quarter ended last a week and a half ago, however, I suddenly had time to make a big push to finish it up and publish it.

I call it "Spinners." It's sort of a cross between a Pinwheel and a Spinning Star. And it has a bit of a retro, '30s look to it.

Its genesis began with a Jelly Roll someone gave me several years ago. I started sketching and playing around with the design. After three or four rounds, it evolved into what you see here. I wanted to use as much of each strip as possible; hence, the secondary design at the block intersections.

Even so, I had enough left over to make a scrappy binding from the remnants of the strips.

I originally planned to come up with a design that used *only* the Jelly Roll strips — no additional fabric purchase required. It didn't work out that way, at least not for this quilt.

My next pattern, however, will.

Stay tuned!

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