Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quilts of Valor Blocks

Yesterday, I sewed up a couple of blocks to contribute to the Quilts of Valor Block Drive currently going on at Pacific Fabrics.

The block, called "Hearth and Home," is super easy to make. The two blocks took maybe an hour and half to make, including cutting (which I had done the day before). With chain piecing, making one or two more wouldn't have taken much longer.

I adjusted the instructions for making the half-square triangle units, cutting the squares 3-1/2" instead of 3-3/8". I like to make them a little larger and then trim them to size.

I kind of overlooked the sidebar in the first column of the pattern instructions, where it tells you what colors to use. I was just going by the Materials list, where it said to use a light fabric and a dark fabric. 

The block drive continues through July 15. I may have time to make more, in which case I will try to do something more red-white-and-blue.

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