Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rambling in Ravenna

Last weekend, Tim and I were down on Capitol Hill to see the Oscar-nominated animated and live-action short films at the Harvard Exit. We had a couple of hours between showtimes, so we had a late lunch at the Deluxe Bar and Grill (I recommend it!) and then strolled down to Elliott Bay Books. While browsing, Tim came across a little hiking guide called Seattle Stairway Walks and proceeded to purchase it.

A few days later, coincidentally, we heard a news story about it on the local public radio station.

Tim is always on the lookout for new places to walk and hike, and this book seemed really nifty, featuring as it does urban trails that are close by. Today, we went to Ravenna Park to check out the first one in the book.

We found the location it suggested to park and start from, but after that, we pretty much did not follow the mapped route, and instead meandered through the park, following the crisscrossing walking trails at our whim.

We saw just a couple of stairways, which we dutifully climbed.

During the course of the walk, we got a good view of the undersides of two bridges that we have driven over many times.

Near one of the playgrounds, we spotted these delightful little sculptures.

I especially liked the hummingbird.

Nearby, we also saw this trio of turtles.

The tentative plan is to work through the book in order. Next up is Fremont.

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