Sunday, November 11, 2012


Every once in awhile, my husband and I like to have mimosas with our Sunday breakfast. And when we do this, I insist on making fresh-squeezed orange juice.

It's just so much better than packaged, processed orange juice.

But it was always such a production to use an old-style reamer.

So, awhile back, we were in a kitchen-supply store and saw this product.

Have I mentioned that I have a weakness for kitchen gadgets? While I'm all for versatility, sometimes it's just nice to have a single-use tool that does a particular job really well.

For instance, my cherry pitter comes in handy when I want to make cherry pie.

Anyway, this juicer, while smaller than what we would have liked, being designed for lemons, looked as though it would make the task of preparing fresh orange juice much easier.

And, if we make a point of using smaller oranges, it indeed fulfills its potential.


However, I'm thinking of asking Santa for the larger orange juicer.

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