Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crabby Witches

Quite a few years ago, I bought this really fun fabric that we called Crabby Witches at the place I used to work at. I have heard that it was reissued because it was so popular, but I never saw it again. A Google search turned up this similar iteration.

Last year, I finally decided to make a quilt with it. I started with a design from this book written by a friend and former co-worker.

I didn't have quite enough fabric to fussy-cut enough squares for the quilt described in the book, so I went off on my own tangent. Along the way, I added the narrow sashing with the small sashing squares.

I finished sewing the top just about a year ago. It would have been done sooner, but I have this weird preference for hand quilting my projects. And, I also have a bad habit of having multiple projects going at any one time, so I'll work on this one for awhile, and then that one, and then maybe the other one over there. . . . Which means that more time elapses by the calendar before any of them are done, rather than if  I had simply worked on one until it was done.

 But where's the fun in that?

Anyway, I quilted the last bit about a week ago, sewed the binding on over the weekend, and handstitched it to the back over the last two or three evenings of TV-watching.

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